About the School

The School of Health and Nursing is dedicated to the training and education of nurses who are pursuing their post-registration degrees as well as healthcare professionals. In partnership with Edinburgh Napier University (UK), the School will deliver the Bachelor of Science Nursing (Top-up) post-registration degree. The School was founded to equip students with the knowledge and latest skills in nursing so as to allow graduates to conduct their profession at the highest levels of competencies.

In the context of increased life expectancies and a parallel rise in prominence of lifestyle diseases (e.g. diabetes and obesity), nursing and healthcare are set to play increasingly important roles. Set against the backdrop of an ageing population, Singapore's healthcare landscape will inherit the standard challenges and will pose a few that would be specific to a predominantly geriatric population. This signals the continued and increasing need for nursing and other healthcare professionals.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science Nursing (Top-up) post-registration degree, the School of Health and Nursing will be launching a series of skills based as well as postgraduate healthcare related courses to address the demand for skilled healthcare workers.

The School of Health and Nursing is a testament of MDIS’ mission in providing globally recognised and competency-based programmes within the healthcare domain. The School will function in the role of training nurses and healthcare professionals enabling them to further contribute meaningfully in the healthcare arena. We have passionately dedicated teams of both international lecturers and local tutors as faculty who will mentor and impart both knowledge and expertise. In support of that, we provide conducive learning environment which includes hands-on learning and practicum in dedicated classrooms, lecture theatres and in-house customised Nursing equipment.

The School of Health and Nursing also adopts a holistic approach to learning and places utmost importance in the nurturing and development of students. We place equal emphasis on student learning outcomes, mentorship and the entire learning journey. The exchange of ideas through symposia and conferences as well as industrial and clinical visits are encouraged. These philosophies are in alignment with Edinburgh Napier University and we are proud to work hand-in-glove with them in delivering the Bachelor of Science Nursing (Top-up) Degree. This post-registration programme is accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) and will be a good accolade to advance an aspiring nursing career.