About the School

The MDIS School of Languages opened in 1996 and since then, we have been enthusiastically welcoming students from all over the world to our warm and friendly school. Encouraging students of all ages to learn English for the love of it, our mission is to promote academic, social and personal development in our students in a nurturing and stimulating setting. Our students come from diverse cultures and we embrace this diversity celebrating the uniqueness of each student. Qualities like leadership, integrity, synergy, generosity, innovation and excellence are embraced by our school.

Whether a course participant is an elementary-level student wanting to improve one’s basic English skills or an advanced level student aiming for a high level qualification, our Professional Certificate in English course is designed to be as enjoyable and motivating as possible in order to help one progress effectively. We have a professionally designed placement test, which will ensure that one is placed at the right level. All our lecturers are experienced, trained and passionate. You can know more about them in the faculty members’ page.