About the School

The MDIS School of Media and Communications is the pioneer in the mass communications programme field in Singapore. MDIS partnering with Teesside University, the University of Sunderland and the University of Portsmouth, offers a wide range of mass communications programmes with a complete progression pathway from International Foundation Diploma to Bachelor’s Honours degrees.

The mass communications programmes offered by the university partners are industry-focused, relevant, and of high quality. MDIS has its very own fully-equipped Radio and TV studios, as well as Audio and Video editing suites. It is the first Private Education Institution to have such facilities for practical training. Students have the opportunity to practise what they learn within their academic curriculum. They are trained to master essential skills such as handling radio and television equipment, content producing, directing, scripting, and video editing. In mastering these techniques, they are exposed to diverse roles, including Radio and TV presenting.

Students are encouraged to join the Media and Communications Club, where they get to run the campus’ Radio and TV stations, and polish their broadcast journalism skills. These practical aspects ensure that our graduates are well-prepared for the real-world environment.

Track records have proven that our graduates are well-received by media and communications companies with the knowledge and skill sets vested in them.

With the government's Media 21 blueprint, the School has plans to build on its success by introducing more industry-relevant media programmes and ensure that our students are able to make their mark in Singapore, as well as on the global stage.